About Us

What We do

The Divine Smile Foundation saves, protects and transforms the lives of thousands of vulnerable and disadvantaged children

To render assistance and restore human-dignity to the poor and less privilege people in the society (widows, orphans, and vulnerable youth) through providing means of succor to their various needs in providing financial assistance, making educational opportunities available to them, provide free feeding assistance, build, maintain and support orphanages, old people homes and youth correctional/restoration centre, provide free HIV and AIDS education counselling and care , and free medical services in Nigeria, Africa and the world there by putting divine smiles on their faces.

To build and equip volunteers and leaders with integrity to serve the poor and downtrodden in Nigeria, Africa and around the world.


How we work

Divine smiles foundation work on the principle of love. Our passion to meet the needs of the poor had being our core message and drive to help the needy in our society and  uphold human dignity

Why We Work

We love what we do because,we see the need for smiles and the imparts it has on our society. We are keeping the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which says that, “love thy neighbour as thy self”.

Secondly, we do what we do because our present day government: there is  no moral or skills acquisition training centres for our youth in the real world. The obvious vacuum has to be filled.
pay a visit to an orphanage, and you will discover a pitiable environment fit for pigs alone rather humans and children even infants habit in such squalor and deplorable environment.
If kids and grown ups live in such environment they are bound to hate the society who never regarded their existence. So in a long run we are bridging the gap between the poor and the rich and making a real home for orphanage homes.