Let the children learn

Prominent scholars have long studied that, quality education is a solid panacea for any economy to sustain its growth, while the strength of any nation is in their future leaders. Advocacy for good and quality education for those children in rural areas, to ensure that they have quality education and be given the right learning environment to be able to develop their minds towards securing a better future for themselves
For many of the orphans and vulnerable children in third world countries, education is the only means for pulling them out of poverty. Yet for too many of them, obtaining an education is an elusive goal. Even though many governments provide free education through the public schools, many children, and especially orphans, cannot afford to buy the required school uniform, shoes, books and supplies so they can attend. The Education for Orphans project works to find sponsors who will provide the school fees and other expenses for children who live in some of the poorest countries in the world, giving them the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty through their own efforts.
Goals and Objectives
To help at-risk youth and especially orphans to:
1. Have hope that they can make decisions that will help them to have a successful, healthy life.
2. Learn how they could set and achieve goals for the future.
3. Prepare them for family life and how to build their own healthy life as adults.
4. Make them believe in themselves and their abilities.
5. Remove obstacles that hinder their progress
6. Provide financial support for the basic education of orphans
7. Monitor their educational progress periodically.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
Nelson Mandela, for a better future for us all, for a better society for us all, for reduced crime rates in the society; all hands must be on deck to build a better future for us all as a people. Education for all is paramount and inevitable.

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