Future female leaders summit

Educate the girl child and you have succeeded in educating a whole nation. An uneducated, unequipped female child is a real big hit to the society and to her immediate family. She is the worst hit when things go wrong in the home. With skills and proper education she can be real plus to the society and to her home.

The Future Female leader Summit is an annual event carried out in partnership with Private organisations, government, spirited individuals, Faith Based Organisations, Non- Governmental Organisations etc. to organize this life-transforming project that is channeled to favour the Nigerian “Girl Child”

The Future Female leader technically tackles the moral needs of the Nigerian Girl Child and also to help them refocus their energy and strategize towards their individual growth and to the development of their immediate society and the country at large.

The Summit is aimed at addressing the following issues (though not restricted to the list below):

  1.  To Enlighten young about health related issues which includes; Asthma, HIV/AIDS, STDs, STIs etc.
  2. To create an interactive forum for the Girl Child to meet the challenges of the future, with basic precepts analyzed by the key speakers of this event.
  3. To expose youths to deep secrets of wealth creation and the proper module of managing small businesses.
  4. To identify the roles of the Girl Child in the home and how her contribution directly and indirectly affects the society at large.
  5. To address the need of properly educating the girl child and the benefits.

The Future Female leader draws notable and credible female speakers whose lives are worthy of emulation and that has lived an exemplary life over the years of which most of the speakers will be leaders per excellence in their various endeavours. These speakers will set the pace and lecture the participants at the summit the right leadership skills. Each speaker will prepare and present to us their intended notes before the summit so that all speakers notes and biography will be in a book compilation for all participants at the summit.

The Future Female leader avails young girls the opportunity to interact one on one with the key speakers of the event, thereby giving them the excellent opportunity to open up boundaries that has been blocked due to the distance and Status Bridge in between them.

To this end, this project is built upon the fundamental issue of lack of community awareness on girl child education, skills acquisition, Health related issues, proper channeling of their energy, abuse on her rights and proper guidance, sexual abuses etc . It is designed to test innovations for proper transition from one level to another.

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