Edo Most talented in Music

“There is no better way to measure how far society has evolved but through music. It has been the vessel used to express emotions when words do not seem to be enough. The soft hum of the violin or even the sharp notes from the electric guitar are more than enough to express  joy, pain, longing and all other feelings that do not require words. But, put words and music together and the artist has a tool that can awaken a thousand souls all at once”. Allen Navarro

There is no doubt that Edo State is one of the most talented states in music in Nigeria. Music had being a part of the social life of the people and a tool for social change.

The need to harness the musical talent deposited in these song souls is a huge task. A lot of the youths comes from a humble background and do not have enough resources and capacity to take their talents to a higher height to make it a money making venture. Edo Most Talented in Music is a talent hunt show designed to give the youths an opportunity to showcase their talents on the biggest music platform ever

Edo most talented in music will create a platform for younger ones in secondary and youths in University, to show-case their talents, thereby creating awareness on building talents on proper educational foundation.

This project is divided into two major parts, they are as follows;

Edo Most talented in Music which has sub-categories:

  1. The secondary school students
  2. The Higher Education Students Category

Each comes with a prize sum of money and a year music recording deal which depends solely on the position of the contestants.

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