Edo best fashion designer

The global fashion market has seen a remarkable growth in African inspired designs. There seems to be a gradual paradigm swift to Africa Fabrics with a new modern tweaking giving it a new look and global acceptance. Common and well known designs include the popular Ankara used mostly by Nigerians, which is now finely crafted in unique and jaw dropping styles.

Fashion designs had gone beyond “cut and sew” it is now a spinning and big money making venture. Exposing and creating a platform for young people on the current trend is a big concern for The Divine Smile Foundation thus, the need for Edo Best Fashion Designer Talent hunt show.

The Best Fashion designers in Edo is an initiative of The Divine Smile Foundation.

Placing Permanent Smiles everywhere is not what The Divine Smiles Foundation takes lightly. We believe in our youths and skills acquisition is one best way known to us to adding values to their lives.

Fashion Designers and aspiring designers need this platform to boost their small businesses and gain recognition which in-turn boost the economy of our state.

When we create a platform like this for entrepreneurial promotion, it will bring about job opportunities and create a professional boost of those in the fashion world which are dominated by those who could not acquire educational skills, but choose not to be idle, but to learn this trade, and earn a living for themselves, thereby creating an opportunity for other people to be gainfully employed.

The event will serve as a tourism avenue as top designers across Nigeria will be invited to come over to Edo State and see young designers emerge and also discover very raw creative minds on stage. This will create room for a round table talk and help the younger designers discover themselves even more and also expose them to national and international stage.

It is a talent hunt show, aimed at promoting African inspired designs from Nigeria and fostering the promotion and development of aspiring Nigerian designers on the world stage.

A magnificent platform for emerging designers, it is a talent hunt show of a special kind, aimed at bringing together various fashion designers from across the country to showcase the richness of the Nigerian fashion Culture and fabrics.

The project will provide overall management for the distinguished designers, help them develop their skills through our various workshops and trainings.

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