How to sponsor us

How you can donate

Donations can come in various ways and forms. Over the past years even before the proper registration of the foundation, we have engaged ourselves in various ways to help the conditions of people in Nigeria and mostly families, youths and orphans

So individual donations and little help from state governments and politicians alike. Send your donations to the the foundation by; sending an SMS, giving us a call, or email and we can start off from there.
Together we can collectively support the renovations of orphanage homes in Nigeria, provide scholarships and learning materials to pupils. We can collectively sponsor children and provide better environments and education for them.

It is at present not possible to make an on-line sponsorship. If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us so we can inform you on the procedure to follow.
Contact Person – Chairman
Telephone – +234 (703) 221122

Channeling donations


After collection of funds we do community request query to find the real needs of any particular community at a point in time. We also do events as the needs for it arises.