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  • The Divine Smile

    Our mission

    Creating a whole new world, where smiles is the light and happiness is the way of the people.

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  • The Divine Smile

    Our Vision

    To be a foundation for hope for the hopeless and joy for the needy.

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  • Scholarships &

    Learning Aids

    Provision of Scholarship and Learning Aids to Orphans . The Divine Smiles Foundation is becoming a clearing house for addressing educational support, thereby offering donors the transparency and

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  • The Divine Smile

    Current Project

    The Divine Smiles Foundation current projects The Divine Smiles Foundation a well known organisation whose focus had being to empower young people and to give them succor and

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Let the child learn

Prominent scholars have long studied that, quality education is a solid panacea for any economy to sustain its growth, while the strength of any nation is in their future leaders.
Advocacy for good and quality education for those children in rural areas, to ensure that they have quality education and be given the right learning environment to be able to develop their minds towards securing a better future for themselves

Edo best fashion designer

The global fashion market has seen a remarkable growth in African inspired designs. There seems to be a gradual paradigm swift to Africa Fabrics with a new modern tweaking giving it a new look and global acceptance.
Common and well known designs include the popular Ankara used mostly by Nigerians, which is now finely crafted in unique and jaw dropping styles. Fashion designs had gone beyond “cut and sew” it is now a spinning and big money making venture.

Future female leaders summit

Educate the girl child and you have succeeded in educating a whole nation. An uneducated, unequipped female child is a real big hit to the society and to her immediate family.
She is the worst hit when things go wrong in the home. With skills and proper education she can be real plus to the society and to her home